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 Friday August 5th 2016Tim Candler9


     The Girl Cat has some wonderful habits. As a result of stress in the more two-legged inhabitants of the Domicile and despite what we pet wranglers call a Cat Flap, she's not allowed to to go outside at night which means by about four o'clock in the morning she's full of beans and bouncing around like an Olympiad at floor exercises. Nor would it make much difference if she had access to her Cat Flap through the hours of darkness. The Cat Flap is her secret and so long as she knows there is wait staff within her dwelling place she will not use it or acknowledge its existence.



      There are some who might suggest "Your cat hasn't been trained to use the Pet Door?" Two problems with that. Firstly, don't be silly! It's a well known fact that any female worth their salt is totally un-trainable. Secondly, I have seen her enter the domicile through her Cat Flap, it seems we both chose the bathroom to avoid a suspected Religious Pamphleteer. And I can tell you this much, witnessing her use of the Cat Flap caused me to raise a serious eyebrow. She flicked her tail at me and demanded the Turkey and Giblets canned food, she's not that fond of the Ocean White Fish. On a more positive note, I've not seen a Chipmunk for over six weeks.


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