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 Saturday August 6th 2016Tim Candler9


     Eggplant is classified as Moderately Alkaline by the more scientifically minded. The bitterness sometimes present in Eggplant is not as a result of acid within the Eggplant Fruit. Bitterness is related to the maturity of the seeds within the Eggplant, or the Bigness of the Eggplant which is often a result of over-feeding by the Corporate Impulse. The other thing about Eggplant is that its flesh is like a very dense sponge that's dryer than it is moist, these dryer air holes are insulating which is useful on a hot sunny day, but when the fruit is harvested the kitchen hand necessarily has to take the insulating qualities of Eggplant flesh into consideration.



      For those of us who might well be so obsessed with our brand new experience of Pressure Canning that we're giving consideration to canning anything that might not be firmly nailed down, the question is, "Can the Eggplant unadulterated be safely canned?" One is answer is "Yes, for forty minutes at ten pounds of pressure." The other answer is "Not while I wield the spatula." Of these two answer I cleave to the second and I'll tell you why. First of all indoor fuel is sourced from the electric grid and forty minutes of indoor fuel is wasteful. Secondly, and probably more important, the wise man should never trust a recipe from the internet or anywhere else that ends with "Enjoy."


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