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 Sunday August 7th 2016Tim Candler9


     It's possibly an error to assume that happiness is anything other than relative to unhappiness. I totally understand that it's much more complicated than that, but if you think in terms of the expectation of happiness in its relationship with the expectation of unhappiness, and assume that happiness is a form of contentment rather than jumping up and down on Bacchus' Trampoline of Joy, then I think we might be on the same page with respect to those who, following a mysterious idea of progress, are happy to assume that the Medieval Period was a time of great misery relative to current social arrangements in our world. Call me whatever you wish to, but don't let Hollywood, or the Romantics, or Hobbits, or Hume, or Esther, or Star Trek be your guide and if you must live in a castle rather than an attic cleave toward an understanding of Hobbes' Leviathan, rather than The Prince, even if Hobbes did come from the county of Wiltshire in England, and he kind of looks like Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, Saint to the Orangemen and Cromwell is still God's Executioner to the Irish Catholic.



      But the issue on this Sophist Sunday will avoid the who are we and why, the answers are far too depressing on a day of worship. Instead it will call down from the pulpit a great wrath upon the New Luddites in Capital for their blindness, their shallow faith in the invisible workings of a Devil that calls the future his own, or possibly her own, a oneness from which there will be no escape for those possessed by irreverent dreams that taste of purity. There is no sensible reason in this universe to suggest that an increasing GDP figure is a God of goodness and wisdom unless you are of the opinion that without this God there's nothing left to live for, ships will not rise, societies will crumble to a dark cloud of emptiness, an apocalypse of death and starvation and a single horseman, a nothingness with no internet access, a place where a prepackaged ham sandwich will be a thing of the past. Oh Ye of little faith, did we leave our Tree Nesting Phase to run down a Number that primarily contributes to greed and envy.... And I could go on a bit about following False Gods and the Anti-Christ but I think the gist of today's Psalm is all here in HTML rather than iambic pentameter.


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