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 Tuesday December 13th 2016Tim Candler9


    N Scale's Brown Paper Bag Committee has aggravated Sister Elegance of the Barefoot Carmelites. The Committee waned a little in the early hours and in the morning the name of the small railway station at the entrance to Saint Teresa's Carmelites was announced. The sandal wearing Signal and Turn Operators were delighted with the choice, they have a fondness for titles that can easily be reduced to a few letters so long as those few letters meet the criteria of a comprehensibility that sounds like the location referenced.



      As Committee Chairperson I explained to Sister Elegance that the Brown Paper Bag Committee were charged with nothing more than naming signals and turnouts, they were a parts naming committee. I went on to explain that Saint Barbara's Halt, a most venerable railway station, was titled St B's. Short and easily inscribed on the miniscule switches signal operators and especially turnout operators had to contend with. Then I told Sister Elegance that I personally saw nothing wrong with the shorthand of St T's for the Carmelite railway station of Saint Teresa's Halt. The good sister muttered something about the President Elect, the end of the world, before removing herself  from Glavni Kolodvor, or Chst as the signal and turnout operators refer to it.


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