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 Wednesday December 14th 2016Tim Candler9


     Discalced basically means barefoot or wearing sandals. The word comes from Latin for Heel and the Latin word for Heel migrated into the Latin word for Shoe with consequent Shoe Heel and so on. In other words, under no circumstance do Discalced Carmelites cover their heels, though I'm not certain whether wearing socks is a Discalced Carmelite error of the dress code. And I think the whole point for the order has to do with shunning the comforts of modernity, returning to an understanding of stuff that doesn't include owning any of it by determinedly chasing the dream of simplicity in pursuit of developing a favorable relationship with The Lead Bull..



      In terms of Papal Bulls, the word Bull has little to do with the four legged creature. The Bull associated with The Pope, came from a very ancient Persian word that migrated down through history. It was piece of clay upon which marks were inscribed, a seal if you prefer, and it served as a way of keeping records about who owed what in a fashion that did not rely upon memory. A Papal Bull is the name given to list of instructions from On High and attached to a Papal Bull is a metal seal that defines authenticity. What has any of this got to do with N Scale, I hear the gnashing of teeth. Well, I'll tell you. Sister Elegance's Discalced Carmelite Community is in the process of constructing their new home, and frankly there's nothing discalced about it. Interestingly, there's never been a Carmelite Pope.


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