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 Saturday December 31st 2016Tim Candler9


     The Girl Cat has no birth certificate, so there's no way to be certain, but she could be almost a year old. And like all maturing entities she's developed a patina of routines and habits that are important to her sense of place. Good chance she'll avoid the pitfalls of Aimless Wandering, no quest to conquer central time, invade Canada or land on Mars, and as the new year dawns it's worth considering an idea of place that in many respects is alien to me, less so to her. The good argument for moving on is hunger. It eats into that part of being that cannot rest. In us people there's a suggestion that governed as we are by will the Aimless Wanderer is driven by the search for opportunity, which as everyone knows is another understanding of hunger that can include outright greed, or, depending upon the perspective "Doing Well for Themselves." Achievement, you could call it if you wish to, and you could go on through language to find nuances that justify just about anything.



      The idea that one year as a cat is equivalent to seven years as a person, would kind of mean that people would be capable of reproduction at around the age of three or four. So short of some horrible scientific exploration we can do away with that ridiculous relationship. But worth wondering what the Girl Cat would do had she been blessed or cursed by the kind of convolutions of thinking that language allows. I certainly know what my first series of question for her would be, and I suspect her answers would be most unsatisfactory. Very certain she'd make little effort to excuse any of her behaviors. There'd be no waxing lyrical around the whole eating the head of the smaller rodent and leaving the rest for someone else to clear up, rather she'd probably insists it was bad luck to break with a Feline Tradition that went back to before the Sphinx. But I do feel confident that on the subject of the Ocean White Fish Pate Dinner she would definitely raise the Question Why?


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