An English In Kentucky


















 Saturday December 3rd 2016Tim Candler9


     There's what The Artist calls a Slipper Wearing Spider hiding in a deep Cave, a very deep cave, possible all the way to Australia. Saint Barbara's Militia have been instructed to just go ahead and do the right thing, pretend they're Saint George, slay the Dragon, and make sure the more tender hearted don't have to spend the remainder of their time upon earth under the care of psychiatrists or wandering around Glavni Kolodvor mumbling.



       In terms of scale, Slipper Wearing Spiders are up there. Apparently they're called Slipper Wearing Spiders because on a dark night you can hear them scampering across a clean floor. In N Scale they'd probably be about the size a Bull Elephant, but unlike Elephants, Slipper Wearing Spiders can leap over tall buildings. Good luck to the fine men and women of the Saint Barbara Militia, always a chance some will pay the Ultimate Sacrifice, there could be a couple of MIA's....


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