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 Thursday December 8th 2016Tim Candler9


     Alright Chaps, one of the problems in N Scale is an increasing complexity in the relationship between the idea and the reality, and I have to admit that it's political as much as it is a problem of both short and long term memory, and language. I'll give you an example. A simple straightforward question of giving names to main lines, to branch lines, to turnouts, to halts and to railway stations, so that there can be no possible confusion in wiring and direction. And before anyone says anything, Lists, even Typed Lists, just don't work because the names of parts and places change from day to day, sometimes from hour to hour and the whole list has to be re-written. 



       Why? One answer could be degenerating mental processes, but more likely it's the absence of a Parts Naming Committee. With such a body in place the name of something like the turnout at Saint Teresa's Nunnery, should it sound incredibly stupid, will be no one's fault. It's also true that much of what goes on in N Scale is a figment of someone's imagination, so an actual Parts Naming Committee would be just the one person. Which wouldn't solve the problem at two o'clock in the morning. The answer is probably pulling names out of a paper bag and calling the paper bag The Parts Naming Committee and every afterwards I can curse the paper bag at around three of four o'clock in the morning then go back to sleep rather than reaching for a notebook.


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