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 Friday February 12th 2016Tim Candler9


      Have to think the Puffy Headed Woodland Owl, or Barred Owl as some insist upon naming him, has a call he reserves primarily for other Puffy Headed Woodland Owls and at night when he calls not certain it's correct to conclude that he's talking to me, but you never know. There are times when it's very obvious that his call is in response to the Western Puffy Head because a person can hear the backward and forward of their discussion. The conversation between the two of them can fill the northern woodland and on occasion a very wise and ominous joke is shared, and I have to think it must be a sort of scrabble playing pun type joke that has New Yorker Magazine and Latte written all over it.




    Never really given any consideration to the category of baby sitter birds, and yet for some reason in this political season the idea of a top ten list of "Baby Sitter Birds" seems extremely important. And here, a person can't help but think that the Barred Owl might be somewhere on that list. Not right at the top you understand, where the Cow Birds and Cuckoos and possibly Starlings dream of turning sand into glass. It's no more than an opinion of course but I do suspect the Barred Owl of Calvinistic tendencies and putting him on a list of "Baby Sitter Birds" might be a little extreme, so he's down near the bottom where pleasure still requires a modicum of creeping around or guilt management.


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