An English In Kentucky


















 Monday February 15th 2016Tim Candler9


      OK Chaps! N-scale is almost impossibly small and your N-scale modeler has failed miserably to achieve a structure that reflects any kind of realness. Fortunately this N-scale modeler is proud to announce that there is a Spin Room where polite representatives are happy to wax lyrical around the many awkward questions. A particularly regular smart arse comment heard in the spin room is "What happened to that tunnel and why is it named after a Saudi Arabian Prince, I thought this was supposed to be Kentucky?"



     "The Prince Malik Nabi Jibreel Tunnel collapsed while the prince and his beautifully dressed entourage were fossil hunting. In an attempt to retrieve the prince's remains and at great expense to the prince's family the tunnel had to be cleared. The royal body was never found." "I thought The names Malik, which means Angel, Nabi which means Prophet and Jibreel which means Gabriel had been banned in Saudi Arabia?" "You're absolutely right, and there is a suspicion of foul play in the Prince's departure from the world."


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