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 Tuesday February 16th 2016Tim Candler9


      Squirrel with Walnut. It was a Grey Squirrel and not that charming. I guess I have a certain, possibly irrational, antipathy toward the Grey Squirrel. If it had been a Fox Squirrel there'd have been a softness to the soul, considerable purring from me and a range of reactions that add little to the masculine. And a person has to wonder about this bias against the Grey Squirrel, they are sneaky, very active, aggressive opportunists, not in the least laid back or soothing to be around, kind of like Creeping Grass or Hedge Fund managers.



     I guess the reason for the bias goes back to the retreat of the Eurasian Red Squirrel. A totally adorable, arboreal, omnivorous, rodent with tufted ears, a minding my own business life style, and basically a joy to behold if ever you could see one. And it was the imported Eastern Grey Squirrels, just like the one with the Walnut in its mouth which added to the pressure us people put on land which drove Red Squirrels from the park benches and gentrified woodlands to remoter more isolated places.


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