An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday February 18th 2016Tim Candler9


      Our hero, who might still be a little disgruntled following his disagreement with a technical device that wiped out a couple of years of his time upon earth is again in The People's Socialist Republic, Broz Tito's entity that succumbed to the Baltic Sickness soon after The Great Patriot's departure from the earthly plain. Comrade Precious, a smuggler of cigarettes, owner of a canvass topped Deux Chavaux  and occasional carpenter is preparing to tell terrible lies to his mother. Not pretty for our hero, but as The Rabbit reminds his grandchild Comrade Precious could well have been the kind of person who'd call Jean Genet his Patron Saint.



     The Rabbit for his part has become increasingly convinced that many centuries ago he'd been a Saxon Saint, and armed with this firm opinion, he's actually rather looking forward to meeting The Lead Bull so that he might demand of the Decrepit Old Fool why it is that he'd been treated so shabbily in subsequent lives, and if The Lead Bull's answer lacked either erudition or learning, our hero's grandfather had a plan to assassinate the Great One and take his place. Yes indeed it's all very tense in the hills north of Sipivo where the month of March is cold and damp and windy. Quite why the chapter is called Tomislav Square, has yet to be determined. 


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