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 Friday February 19th 2016Tim Candler9


      High winds, sunshine with temperatures soaring into the 60's Fahrenheit. Feels like middle of March and the Bluebirds agree because the Boy Bluebirds seem to be bluing up, they're as deluded as everyone else. Me, I'm not fooled by any of it, not even thinking about it, this time next week there could be eight inches of snow on the ground, a Polar Vortex, frozen pipes, generator fumes and the entire panoply of a winter wonderland.



     Much more interesting is the possibility of a Mockingbird taking up residence. He looks friendly. My own somewhat controversial theory for the absence of a resident Mockingbird these past few years is the sinister shadow of a Boy Thrasher. A sort of street corner Thrasher whose catcall and loitering and general demeanor is so creepy he's downgraded the neighborhood and chased away the Girl Mockingbirds. The Brown Thrasher is of course the State Bird of Georgia.


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