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 Monday February 22nd 2016Tim Candler9


      Not sure whether that part of the world which today is often referred to as The United Kingdom has ever been comfortable with the idea of Europe. A couple of miles of water separate the island from the mainland, nor is it like a smooth passage, prone to all kinds of storms and funny currents. All the same, sometime in the 1970's the UK chose to join a common market with Europe and agreed to accept the rules of the European Union. A whole bunch of regulations governing production, labeling of products, treatment of labor and so on, all of which were discussed and agreed upon by representatives of member countries who meet in a town called Brussels which is in Belgium.



     Currently the United Kingdom is more than uncomfortable with its relationship with the European Union, and is struggling with the idea of leaving the Union. At first it was a threat by segments of the English political class, who reckoned upon using the threat to leave the European Union as leverage to negotiate better terms. English negotiators didn't do very well and now it appears there's to be a referendum on the question of whether the United Kingdom should remain in Europe. The other thing about the English Islands is that European nations have never really liked them. Football hooligans, The English Language, Waterloo, Trafalgar, Agincourt, first and second world wars, to name just a few. The big day for the referendum is June 23rd of this year.


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