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 Saturday February 27th 2016Tim Candler9


      US Presidential Elections take about two years, they are a billion dollar business, plenty of opportunity for work and profit, and for some good few years now the difference between the two major parties has been microscopic. In short there has been no fundamental disagreement and one of the consequences is an almost total absence of substantive debate, because there was actually nothing to debate. In other words every one was shouting at the same brick wall. Call it an Aristocracy, and if that suggests inbreeding call it an Oligarchy, defined as The Pestilence of the Elite. An old, old problem when the powerful become critically ignorant and castle dwelling.



     Kinder to think of the current Presidential Election as a Peasants Revolt. Don't get me wrong, most Peasant Revolts were led by men of means and some education who saw in the anger of a populace an opportunity to achieve stature and position. Rarely did they succeed in producing very much more than a bloodbath of broken dreams and a memory of heroes which kind of lingered and whispered to future generations. Worth remembering the call of The Chartists, their leaders in South Wales hung, drawn and quartered in Chepstow. Of the six reforms in their charter was a secret vote for every male who was of sound mind and over twenty one. It took a while longer for the girls to be even considered.


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