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 Tuesday February 2nd 2016Tim Candler9


      February the First, 2016. May the Great Oneness deliver us unto Grace, acceptance, peace upon earth - it's a long list - so that we might all see the light of shininess, and much much worse. I think the point is a person's dependence upon a technical device is such that really and truly all technical contraptions beyond the shovel should be taken to a pit and beaten with sledge hammers. I'd call it Eden.




     I guess too we should thank the good lord that your humble correspondent doesn't have access to Nuclear Warheads. Trust me there were moments when they might have launched. Yes indeed, it's an emotional dependence, and what with one thing and another our hero will never be the same again. A silver lining does exist, your writer of pulp's Custom Dictionary has evaporated. No idea how I spell Travellers and there's some difference between dining and dinning, which one's which, I've no idea!


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