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 Friday February 5th 2016Tim Candler9


      Totally missed Groundhog Day. A sure sign of an inward obsession where the more distant horizons narrow as a mind becomes focused upon smaller and smaller sentences. Indeed worth cursing the politics of grammar that has allowed the tiny word "is" to be defined thusly- The third person singular present indicative of be. Worth noting also that "is" is a verb. A Verb is the predicate of a sentence, they are the "action" parts of speech and I'm told you can't have a sentence without a verb. However "I is an Octopus" may well be an incorrect use of the word "is."





     Whatever way I want to look at it "Creative Is" cannot be an officially recognized sentence, it has to be a title. It's like a noun. Amongst nouns "Creative Is" would be defined as a condition, like flu, small pox or whooping cough. All of them nouns that are definitely going somewhere. They don't just sit there because they're certainly doing something. The same with Roses, a rose is either coming or going, unless of course it becomes a dried rose then it might be dead, lifeless and still for a good long time.


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