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 Sunday February 7th 2016Tim Candler9


      There's a Carolina Wren who chose to believe that this morning was Spring. Bless his noisy heart. His song has a sudden and explosive quality to it, more of an alarm clock than it is something soothing like the seduction of a White Throat Sparrow.  And while it's true a person can't help smiling and go back to sleep when he hears a White Throat Sparrow sing, a Carolina Wren announcing Spring when a cold sun cast a first icy shadow in early February does speak to a kind of optimism that just has to get out of bed and get things done.





     It's hard to place a Carolina Wren in the category of "list writing birds." Harder still to ask the Carolina Wren whether he's a card playing or board game bird. He's far, far away from those consummate chess players the Bluebirds. Have to think it's the Girl Carolina Wren who runs his world. His moments of display, his loud noises, his practice nests all of them totally misplaced, without rhyme or reason. Better perhaps to think of him as an A for Effort Bird. And there are some of us who have a great fondness for this quality in any creature.


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