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 Monday February 8th 2016Tim Candler9


      In "feels like" terms the longest month of the year is eight days old. And this year is what they call a "Leap Year" which means there are twenty nine days in February. My own view is essentially that of all the months of the year to add a day to, why chose February? My preference would be to have an extra day in May. May 32nd makes huge sense, it bends the mind toward the idea that the Calendar actually gives a damn about the well being of its subjects. February 29th sounds more like a poke in the eye, unless of course you're some kind of Winter Bunny who's just traded for a new pair of fur lined boots.




   The other point about February is that it gets its name from a Roman word that references a purification ritual that involved water and cleaning. The idea behind the ritual was to "purge" and whenever a Roman mention the word "purge" it usually got ugly. But at least a person can well understand why this purging ritual had it's origins in sickness and sweating fevers following weeks of being stuck in doors trying to keep warm. The early Romans before they became all full of themselves with conquering Italy and naming everything had no January or February, they reckoned upon winter being a monthless period, it just went on forever.  Makes perfect sense to me.     


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