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 Tuesday February 9th 2016Tim Candler9


      In 1980 something I remember hearing that a Star of the Silver Screen might have been elected President of the United States.  Back then of course a person had to wait for stuff like news on the radio, or a daily newspaper, and like many of my comrades I was inclined to think it an error of translation or some kind of sad attempt to explain Nixon. Then from a lowly corner of the bar a voice announced that The Film Star was a Republican and all hell broke loose. "What's the matter with you, there's no way a film star can be a Republican! It just doesn't happen, not even in America!"




   It was a simpler time, a person couldn't just pop around to the Saloon Bar find someone with technical device and demand answers to perfectly sensible questions, and by the end of the evening the general mood in the Public Bar was such that either the world was about to end or the United States had their April Fools Day in November. When the dawn came, it was raining if I recall, the lunch crowd was dour. The United States had indeed elected a Republican Movie Star as their President. It was kind of like the world had been turned upside down, and we've been struggling with imported beer ever since. 


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