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 Monday January 11th 2016Tim Candler9


     The idea of the real is one thing. The real is another. Interesting to note the ambitious philosophers who have chosen to consider Climate Change in terms of an Ethical Dilemma. For those in doubt, Ethics is an attempt to be thoughtful around the question of Good and Bad. Some might argue it's a modeling of ideas that produce real outcomes. If it wasn't for Luther, others might suggest, there'd be no sin of poverty and one way or another we'd all make it through the Eye of the Needle.


      Your model train enthusiast and tender to Compost Piles would prefer to think of the Dilemma posed by the Great Minds in terms of the Rudeness of our Species. We are truly obnoxious guests, worse than the Tasmanian Devil. Not sure attempts to remove ourselves from the Dormobile of Earth and set up camp on somewhere like Mars is actually the way to go, except perhaps for the Disgustingly Wealthy. Keep in mind mine is a purely Cave Dwelling Political Position which holds that our species should have learned how to hibernate.



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