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 Tuesday January 12th 2016Tim Candler9


     I guess if I was a hard working well subsidized Cattle Rancher who had to get up very early on a cold winter morning to feed my Cows and my Dogs, and maybe my Cat or the grandchild's Guinea Pig, I could just go ahead don my cowboy hat, pop a couple of rounds in the semi auto and occupy the Green River State Park because public land is against my own personal and far more sensible interpretation of The Constitution and History.


      Pretty certain other Pioneering type Cattle Ranchers would join me, we could smoke cigars, cook out, make jokes about beans, try not to get too drunk, say terrible things about the President, endlessly discuss the decline of our nation, its porous borders, the hopelessness of its Federal Government, Praise God for the enemy, be all tough around the obvious solution of turning the sands of the Middle East to glass as the only truly resolute way to set an example to the rest of a disobedient world.



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