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 Friday January 15th 2016Tim Candler9


     Waiting for a part, and maybe I'll be able to pick it up today, before the weekend starts. It's an auger motor. It's an electric engine that runs a series of gears that turn a chain at 4RPM, and this chain turns an auger. The first attempt at getting hold of a new or refurbished motor failed miserably. I got the wrong part. In the bright world that's called Total Incompetence. I ordered an auger motor that ran clockwise. The auger motor for this device is supposed to run anti-clockwise and if it doesn't all hell breaks loose. Yes indeed there's been ennui and considerable grumbling between the bits and pieces of me that still speak to each other, and there's been a reemergence of the Hibernation Schism which no amount of tinkering with materials with which to model rock faces has managed to quell.


     Then in an attempt to hunt down an anti-clockwise auger motor I was finally forced to enter the world of phone calls. Not one of my strengths, and I was ill prepared for the usual questions, like "what's your telephone number?" The answer to which seems to disappear while under stress which does nothing to inspire confidence on either end of a telephone line. I was however well prepared to demonstrate knowledgeableness in the area of clockwise and anti-clockwise motors with special reference to the initials OEM, which I reckoned on being critical to a grasp of anti-clockwise electric motors. I mentioned OEM several times and reckoned I sounded pretty professional until I made the mistake of wondering what OEM stood for. Original Equipment Manufacturer and nothing to do with which way a motor turns. Currently I give myself a 35% chance of being here in May.



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