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 Saturday January 16th 2016Tim Candler9


     An issue with the older mind is an "Irrational Impatience." Not saying that all older minds struggle with the problem, simply saying that some older minds might struggle with this problem, offering yet one more good reason why at around the age of fifty five a person should really come to the end of his or her time upon earth. It's a good hour and half along winding and sometimes very steep roads at moderate speeds in a motor vehicle from the place where I live to the "Part Getting Place." And you're right it does mean crossing several county lines, which puts a person well beyond reasonable walking home distance with attendant thoughts of the how useful it might be to always carry a bicycle in the back.


     The new part smelled shiny, it had the tang of correctness and it was sitting cheerfully beside me. Indeed just prior to an interruption, the mind was in regular order, doing things like thinking about supper and whether it could risk dropping the cigarette butt out the window, when a big orange triangle suddenly emerged through the drizzle and fog. And granted the black horse drawn buggy should rightly be well marked with a big orange triangle even if it does detract a little from the medieval charm and/or the convictions of a religious nut. Very aware of the sharing nature of the Public Highway, but it is my understanding that horses can trot, they can do much better than plod, even if there's about twenty of them apparently going to a funeral or a wedding. And these horse drawn buggies were definitely plodding for what felt like two hours.



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