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 Thursday January 21st 2016Tim Candler9


     Of the options available there are two. The Studio is one possibility, and The Domicile is the other. The question, which one to choose. And here my own memories suggest that under conditions of extreme isolation access to information is central to Mental Balance. And the thing about it is, there is no internet in The Studio. There's a radio down there, with its clash between constant adulation of stuff at remarkably reasonable prices accompanied by interludes of crooning by overly preoccupied girls and boys, or by some smug ass Public Radio Service Employee who always begins a sentence with "So." On the other hand, The Domicile telephone line might well survive ice and with an electric supply there may well be an internet connection.


     But The Studio is attached to the food supply, rather critical that the freezers don't succumb to a period not exceeding a couple of hours without the electric, and it's kind of entertaining down there so long as The Radio is firmly switched off. "So" what to do.... ? My first thought was to stick with tradition which was to move the generator from one location to the other through the course of a power outage, which could be a couple of days. This might not be easy to do with inches upon inches of snow on the ground. There'll be no water of course and The Studio is closer to Saint Teresa which is something to consider given my own aversion to squatting in the snow, it's not pretty when the thaw comes. And there's one more thing. Fresh paw marks near the back door, it's a doggy of some sort, not small.


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