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 Wednesday January 27th 2016Tim Candler9


      As a Budding Transhumanist I'm not one to mess around with the niceties. In ten days it'll be my birthday, and I expect to hear Jingle Bells and see the Rockets Flare. Yes indeed, we can add Professor Fuller's book The Proactionary Imperative to Ardrey's The Territorial Imperative, and for those with doubt, what might a Transhumanist be? He's one who will declare that we people are "aspiring deities" we have "divine potential" and we are "not just one among many species." In other words we're very special, super clever and there's absolutely nothing wrong with giving other "aspiring deities" plenty of notice about an upcoming birthday.


     It's an old argument in Fuller's book. It's a tricky argument and we'd all be very stupid not to take notice of it, try to understand it in order to better dismiss it before it's too late, engrained in the narrative as an inevitable happy ending. Essentially, and I have to paraphrase the argument, we are already gods and stuff like morality, being good to old people, different colored people, poor people, deformed people, the environment, puppy dogs, Salamanders, Spiders and Snails is all very old fashioned sort of thinking and just kind of getting in the way of our realizing our godliness which will arrive with that moment of Singularity when we humans and machines become a brilliant oneness. So fair warning! February 7th is my Birthday and I have access to bolts of lightning.


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