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 Thursday January 28th 2016Tim Candler9


      In The Vestry of Monnow our hero comes into contact with a board game which is kind of central to his move from Men's Dayroom II to Men's Dayroom I. Your writer of pulp has spent time unsuccessfully thinking about the nature of this board game, and he came away with the idea that rather than actually worrying the details of the game it would be good enough to simply call the game Tabular and make mention of the game pieces being black and white and go on a bit about the rules in a manner so vague no one would be any the wiser and somewhere along the line there'd a riddle, some nifty to and fro, a winner could be declared, and our hero could get out of King Offa's Dayroom II, join the Witch of Ithaca in Dayroom I so his grandfather might be absolved of sin, finally achieve recognition as a Saint.


     A devoted reader might imagine how excited your writer of pulp became when he read that somewhere a machine defeated a person at the game called GO. A very ancient game apparently, it goes back thousands of years, societies have devoted themselves to it, there's no dice involved, it's black and white pieces played on a board, it's all about containing space in the mind and devious plotting of moves, in short the winner doesn't have to be lucky. Here on Earth the heavens opened, Angels blew trumpets, the word Genius was mention several times because clearly Tabular in the Vestry of Monnow is GO. Then your writer of pulp made the mistake of spending time attempting to grasp the rules of GO. We professionals call it research. Sadly the rules of GO and how it's played are totally beyond his capacity to grasp.


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