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 Tuesday January 5th 2016Tim Candler9


     The Artist was kind enough to suggest that in just three  months the current Winter will be done with. I mention this because in the course of Winter a poorly occupied mind devolves toward a search for meaning which on or around May 10th it invariably discovers in the lifecycle of a Grasshopper. We all know that Grasshoppers are idle creatures that hop from place to place when agitated. It's the diligent Ant that should inspire meaning in Winter.  Either that or vast quantities of passion filled words that actually make no sense whatsoever beyond the sounds of their purring. No wonder the Lifestyle Therapists call to the promises of Structure through an assortment of chipper top ten lists.


      My own recent preference in the area of structure is through attempting to understand the phases of mourning the predicament of our species might inspire. The heart whines for a betterment which it discovers in random acts of discipline, some more enticing than others. Then there's the friendship between the mind and its two hands. It's a much underestimated happening in a search for oneness amongst those of us who fail to grasp that hands are our primary voice. The vocal chords a much later innovation in our often desperate search for precision. But how can hands talk or explain except to the deaf? My answer is to try threading a needle without my glasses on. Yes indeed by May I'll be a Grasshopper.



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