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 Wednesday January 6th 2016Tim Candler9


     Have to think of a doorway as being a little over half an inch high and a little under a quarter of an inch wide. Anything more precise becomes joyless in its exactitude which is another way of saying "the eyes can't see that well." But on the ruler it's possible to measure "a little over" and "a little under" in the search for a proportion that gives an appearance of something that might actually be.


      Then when it comes to something like a 6 inch plank, which would be 1/32 of an inch, the mind does begin to pace around a little in its search for alternative building materials. This wall is around 20 foot long and its a about ten foot to the roof peak. The planks on this wall are 1 foot 8 inches wide. Who knows what to do about the roof. 



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