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 Friday July 15th 2016Tim Candler9


     I don't believe there was ever a time when the Infinite One e-mailed his prophets with the news that there was only limited space in the eternity of the After Life. I just don't see it happening unless God has something to do with the Democratic National Committee. "Oh Ye Faithful, unto thou shall be cast down a more competitive attitude, only the goodest of the good shall sit in the smoke filled armchairs, the effort grade shalt no longer count, forgiveness shall be limited to only the most perfectly obedient of my children." Entirely the case that over the years many a call has been made by earthly passions to have such an edict written in tablet form, a hard copy, the sort of document that doesn't get lost to the whims and manipulations of technical contraptions or the woolliness of synapses. This call has always been phrase-like rather than long drawn-out complicated and erudite sentence-like. Arbeit Macht Frei or more directly Job 34:19, conceivable Leviticus 19:15 and there's always "someone in a garage is working on the problem" stuff happens so why not wear the Snow White Armani Suit, it's so Cancun in an understated way.



      There are those of course who will argue that translation from the original is the perennial problem, the word "Covet" should more properly have been translated as "Take" and the word "Steal" should be more properly translated as "Enslave." But following the audaciousness of Job's message that God doesn't put princes ahead of paupers, nor does he put paupers ahead of princes what God, who may well have been a foreigner, must have really meant to write into the final tablet was indeed "Covet" as in stuff like other people's oxen or wives and "Steal" as in stuff like other people's silver or oil. Worth recalling that the Moses of Exodus was more interested in forging a new nation on the other side of the Red Sea from the Pillars of Pharaoh than he was concerned with the problems facing Job and Leviticus which were more about how to maintain a soiled brand. And you're right, your religious correspondent should really get off his behind, don the banners, invest in a battery operated megaphone, take to the street corners and direct the faithful toward a serious and total reappraisal of the Eighth Commandment and Tenth Commandment. Mind you one of the Timothy's achieved martyrdom in around Ad 90 by being stoned to death for doing pretty much exactly the same thing to the followers of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt.


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