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 Monday July 18th 2016Tim Candler9


     It was a Tomato based day that began with Bush Bean Picking Calisthenics. And your gardener is rather excited because The Girl Cat has expressed some interest in Vegetable Gardening, she's not that fond of the Tomato plants, she's a little delicate around Stinkbug, but the long rows of Bush Beans are definitely her thing, and clearly in her view they are planted too close together. We discussed it in polite terms, and no doubt about it there is a character driven element of The Grandchild in the Girl Cat that might be useful when seeking martyrdom. Last year the Grandchild dramatically thinned the Chard plants, it was random sort of thinning and to save time she did this thinning in conjunction with the process of harvesting Chard leaves. This year The Girl Cat, channeling this same internal capacity to multitask thinned a couple of Bean plants while dispatching a Camel Cricket, bless her.



      Nothing against a Camel Cricket, sometimes called a Spricket, for some reason, it looks a little Camel-like in color, and possibly very nutritious, jammed packed with vital traces good for growing bones. And if you set aside the size difference, which is dramatic, on par with the Elephant and the Shrew, a young Camel Cricket does look a little like the Big Rabbit that so dominates our Eastern horizon and which both the Girl Cat and I are just a little nervous of. They both have the big back leaping legs, what could well be a vicious mouthpart and a beady-ness of eye, that in the correct light can be chilling. I have to agree, all power to the Girl Cat for her attack skills, her tunnel vision, her grit and determination. Collateral damage easily excused when you remember she must venture toward the Big Rabbit territory with just her wits and her four paws. I at least can carry stick or wear one of those beaky hats with "Make America Great Again" emblazoned across the brow.


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