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 Friday July 1st 2016Tim Candler9


     Not for me to pontificate, lay down the law, pretend I'm some sort of journalist politician who claims to know where the Golden Egg is hidden. But I will say this, Horn Worm have the Mother's Boy Bottom. There's one in the Tomato, and I know this because I have seen the scat, but no sign of the beast who's still there munching away, getting bigger and bigger by the looks of the trail that has issued from Mr. Know It All.



      Currently I'm torn between naming this Horn Worm Boris Johnson, Michael Gove or Donald Trump. And it's true, your correspondent has fallen off the wagon, he's been dabbling in the comment sections of newspapers, social media where it is so easy to get carried away. Indeed he attempted to look at his own bottom in the Daily Mail. It took forever to download, Rothermere's empire is hungry for advertizing.


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