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 Wednesday July 20th 2016Tim Candler9


     Some of us have tried to grasp Pokémon Go. As I understand it, it's a game the object of which is to hunt down and catch Wild Pokémon. Sadly, like that nightmare called a Scavenger Hunt, familiar to Charade Players world wide who are still in recovery, Pokémon Go is not played in the safety of your own attic. A dedicated player has to risk all, cast caution to the wind, he or she has to get out and about, has to drive or walk around with his or her own hand held device called an Android in order to actual catch a Wild Pokémon. And possibly, like me, you might be wondering what a Pokémon is, and here it might just be simpler to say that I have no idea, but such a negative attitude is one seldom found on these pages where even though the Hula-Hoop is still a bit of mystery your correspondent does his best to preserve erudition and learning in the face of a collapsing civilization.



      Pokémon is one of those words that can be either singular or plural. One Pokémon, many Pokémon, both are correct usage. The accent on the e suggests either an origin in a distant language or a reluctance to find a completely different word to avoid the innuendo that could be associated with Poke, and with Mon which is Scottish dialect for man. And indeed the word comes from the Japanese for Pocket Monster, of which there are apparently over seven hundred fictional species, which oddly enough does ring true. To catch a Wild Pokémon a player has to throw a Poké Ball at the Creature, and if successful the Wild Pokémon is introduced to the player's Pokédex. A Pokédex is a collection of Pokémon. Once the Pokémon is in a player's Pokédex the unfortunate creature can be trained to participate in a team of Pokémon who will then compete against the Pokémon teams of other players. At this juncture if you're feeling a little queasy, so am I.


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