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 Tuesday July 26th 2016Tim Candler9


     Might have frozen the last Green Bean for this year. More Beans coming which suggests an excellent Green Bean Year and also suggests that some of us might have planted too many rows of Green Beans. "Why don't you can your Beans?" I hear the cry of erudition and wisdom. The trouble is the Green Bean is a low acid food. This means that to ensure its canned qualities, this side of pickling or salting, don't include something like Botulism the Boiling Water Bath Canner would have to boil his cans of Beans for something like three hours to be on the safe side, and even then there are what you call Thermophiles who might just survive temperatures of 210 Fahrenheit which is where our water boils.



       The more professional canner has something called a Pressure Canner for their low acid foodstuff. This device is like a heavy saucepan with very secure top and a pressure valve of some kind in the lid, or just a weight that's supposed to wobble around on top of a tiny little hole, and its a weight that sometimes shoots through the ceiling, up out through the roof, never to be found again. But theoretically because of the pressure of steam that builds up a Pressure Canner is capable of achieve high boiling temperatures, 250 Fahrenheit at sea level at 15 pounds per square inch, such that a poxe's potential in a Green Bean is killed in about half an hour of steady boiling. All very well saying something like "The modern pressure cooker is much safer to use, it has safety features." But I guess it depends on how trusting or courageous a person might be.


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