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 Thursday July 28th 2016Tim Candler9


     Call me "Her Indoors." My own Great White Whale is a Coat of Many Colors. And I could go on, but probably simpler to lay out the problem in a comprehensible and not too drawn out way. The crux is stuff and the purpose of stuff in conjunction with a deep sense that we tool makers for no good reason whatsoever have put far too much stuff into the world. In short, the Industrial Revolution has robbed us of meaning by redefining our gods, and we have become more like ghosts in the machines of our own creation than we are Noble Savages at one with our world and its creatures, however apparently horrible some of us insist that existence might have been and how infinitely preferable are such tools as the exercise machine, skiing and the psychiatrist. So let's just say civilization is a sham, a con-job and has contributed very little to a sense of oneness with our universe. Or to put it another way your gardener with the vital technical assistance from The Artist is negotiating the purchase of a Pressure Canner for his Beans, his Beets, his Carrots, who knows what else and for a whole raft of reasons he doesn't feel in the least right about it.



      Probably better to turn the corner a little. Stand tall, ask the questions, make the statements, and try to answer them without resort to the mind blowing fantasies that come under the heading of Post Factual an area of thinking in which I thrive, especially around the central roles of an N scale electric model steam train. Over the years The Artist and your correspondent have collected three freezers, we're talking square yards, bushels of freezer space that have to be closely monitored in the event of failure in the electric supply or a croaking compressor or wire nibbled by nesting rodent. One answer of many to the question why three? Over the years we have been persuaded by the factories of erudition that salt and vinegar when used as a preservative in canned goods pretty much brings the heart and its associated life giving forces to a screaming halt where continued existence depends almost entirely on Medical Professionals and their evil allies in the Pharmaceutical and Insurance Industries. Well all that's going to change with an incredibly dangerous French invention from 1679 that was once called A Steam Digester and food processors insist upon calling a Retort. And yes, it's more stuff! Do hope it comes with a well translated manual, because it's far too late for me to learn Mandarin.


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