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 Tuesday July 5th 2016Tim Candler9


     Identifying our hero's mental anomaly hasn't been a straightforward process. As an objective, perfectly normal, writer of pulp it was more a case of the Chicken coming first. Identifying the Egg from which his anomaly hatched remained without any kind of structure within the narrative, instead it has drifted in an aimless manner through the pages of International Statistical Classifications of Diseases from the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. And the thing to note in both these grand titles is the word Statistical. Anomalies are more likely or less likely to belong to a class, it's a Venn Diagram around which the characteristics are listed rather than the preciseness of something like a surgical procedure or a times table. And I guess too it's some sort of anomaly when a mind sees ripping yarns in these two massive tomes, such that it can spend hours perusing the pages with a smile on its crown that suggests it's engaged in reading a Bodice Ripper.  



      Myself, and hate me if you want to, but I'm not one to find myself saying, "Twins, how sweet." A person can go further and suggest the left handed people are in someway awry. Neither position currently fashionable in many parts of the globe, yet the circumstance of Twins and left handedness were in past times often considered very, very sinister indeed. Talk to someone who is left handed and one can commiserate a little as he goes on about having to write the wrong way and how difficult it is to find left handed scissors, there are things like place settings, knives and forks. Our nature, contrary to the ambitions and machinations of so many, contains a variety. And this variety is tolerated so long as it doesn't reach a point of mad-dog weirdness. Inevitably "mad-dog weirdness" also falls into the circles of a Venn Diagram, were it becomes classified into more likely acceptable or more likely unacceptable. Our hero who now confronts a panel of professionals is anxious to avoid the diagnosis of more likely unacceptable. His grandfather is kind of hoping for something less borderline, more "stark-staring who should be locked up." Naturally enough the impasse may well require miraculous mental gymnastics, a borderline personality disorder that's increasingly favored by our ruling classes.


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