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 Friday June 10th 2016Tim Candler9


       It's things like 25% off Pellet Stove Parts as a Father's Day Special that makes a person weep for the world. Who sits there and thinks these things up and what world does he or she live in. It has to be a very flat sort of place, just the two dimensions, backwards and forwards or sideways, more like a Mole than a Butterfly. Mind you if 25% off Pellet Stove Parts had a been called a Summer Special then a door gasket and a refurbished blower motor would sound tempting. The point is, there's a principle involved here, and it's the kind of principle that's well worth sticking with otherwise civilization grinds to a halt.



      I know I am fairly new to the use of the apostrophe, there was a time when I'd just stick one in when the mood struck, and I have to admit I was probably a much happier person back then. But Father's Day has the apostrophe in the wrong place. It should be Fathers' Day. It's a classic example of a culture that requires us to be thought of as individuals so that each and every one of us might be forced into competing with each other. In the USA the original Fathers' Day was a remembrance of Fathers killed in a mining accident in West Virginia. And whatever nightmare it might have become, it should still be called Fathers' Day. Good mind to start a petition on


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