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 Wednesday June 15th 2016Tim Candler9


       Correct to say The Cat and I have recovered from our recent visit to the Vet. She's in good form, chipper, tree climbing and full of beans, and there's a little tube of stuff that's squeezed on to her fur just between her shoulder blades, and this according to the professionals saves her from the agony of ticks and jumping fleas. It's not a pleasant procedure, but fortunately The Artist is most adept at performing it.



      My own question, and I don't mean to sound like a poor loser, but why don't we people have a little tube that we can squeeze onto our backs just between our shoulder blades, or between our toes, or under our armpits. We at least can sign some kind of affidavit that requires us to take an oath that under no circumstances will we ever try to lick the stuff off. I guess it's yet one more example of  Ours Not To Reason Why.


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