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 Wednesday June 1st 2016Tim Candler9


       Day one of giving up newspapers was a total disaster. Tried to persuade myself that something like the New Yorker didn't really count as a newspaper, don't you believe it for one tiny minute. Of course it has the fluff stuff, the fascination with book reviews that mean you don't actually have to decide for yourself or read the book, lists of odd little things that might be happening in New York City and a short fiction with plenty of semi-colons about coming to terms with something or other while on summer holiday at the beach. I guess it was irony.



      Then all hell broke loose, an account of a birdwatcher who following a series of misfortunes to older relatives was able to go on a Lindblad Cruise to the Antarctic. You might not know it but Lindblad cruises are all about travelling by sea at great expense to the few remaining pristine places in an attempt to raise awareness of things like Climate Change and loss. When I discovered it was called "Expedition Cruising" something snapped. Entirely possible the only way to get some good sleep is take the lobotomy via alcohol route.


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