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 Wednesday June 22nd 2016Tim Candler9


    Tomorrow is the referendum in the United Kingdom on whether to remain in Europe and tomorrow your correspondent pays his visit to The Dentist. So it's a big day all around and there are similarities between these two nightmares. In theory a person pays his dues and keeps his appointment with The Dentist on the understanding that the arrangement is mutual, a shared benefit. It's the case too that there are a great many occasions when your correspondent yearns to sit The Dentist down in The Dentist's chair so that he might experiment a little with Dentist Tools, particularly that hose thing that squirts water into the back of your mouth so that you can truly get some kind of an idea what water-boarding might feel like. And I'd also like to practice saying things like "Flossing is important" and "You're a little sensitive around the upper right second bicuspid, aren't you" and "Stick your tongue out!"



      If a person were to think of the bicuspids and incisors as something like sovereignty that passes food to the molars where it can be thoroughly chewed before being passed though the intestines, the United Kingdom referendum can be thought of as Disgruntlement Of The Molars, some of whom reckon the bicuspids and incisors have become old and decrepit, they aren't doing their job, never will, and they should be replaced with new sets of dental hygiene practices. Others reckon the problem lies with the canines who have grown lazy and need to be filed to the sort of sharp points they were in something like 1911 and this can only happen by changing Dentists. And with the United Kingdom, we're not talking Polish, German or French Dentist, where talking changing to a board certified British Dentist. The problem of course, the world is changing quickly and dramatically, and despite rumor and gross exaggeration that suggests otherwise, the best any Dentists can do is delay the inevitable.


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