An English In Kentucky


















 Thursday June 30th 2016Tim Candler9


     A person gets attached to a machine. Certainly it's an often rocky relationship, cruel words exchanged, accusations about lack of oil, poorly sharpened blades, we all make excuses and it can go on a bit to that point where an exhortation to the Great Oneness is made. The thing about geometry, it doesn't actual listen and that's particularly the case when a steering shaft breaks.



      It was The Artist who noticed it first, I thought it no more than a moment of creative angst, but no! Parish's steering had surrendered. It wasn't that he didn't want to turn, it was just because he couldn't turn. He and I have had a long innings, and it's always possible that he can be fixed, it would mean several new parts. Worth a try, he's well over twenty years old, and I'm loath to say goodbye.


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