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 Thursday June 9th 2016Tim Candler9


       Our hero has had a word or two with your writer of pulp. He's very anxious to avoid the error I drew into several of his characters in the first version of Vestry of Monnow. This time round he seems to remember the story better than I do, which is a little creepy, but it does serve as a reminder to regularly throw everything away and then start again. It's refreshing and in a sense liberating.



      Kind of like going to the trash collection day that's all about keeping the county clean by providing residents an opportunity to get rid of stuff rather than tossing it on the side of the road when no one's looking, or just leaving it in the barn for another ten years on the understanding that because it looks useful it might be useful for something one day. Some of us are very prone to that. I think we're called "Hoarders."


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