An English In Kentucky


















 Monday March 14th 2016Tim Candler9


      OK Guys, the recent ordinance in The County of Saint Barbara which declared that one foot will henceforth be measured as sixteen inches has led to something of a kerfuffle. The more sniveling surrounding counties have reached out to State Authorities who in their turn have decided the ordinance makes no sense and have declared Saint Barbara's ordinance "12 equals 16" against the Interest of the Commonwealth and have directed Saint Barbara to remove it from their Big Book. 



     This over reaching arm of The Central Authority has not been received well by Saint Barbarians, as county residents are sometimes called, and after a long day and a late night, at around 8.30 PM Eastern Standard Time on March 13th in the Year of Our Lord 2016, Saint Barbara decided to declare itself independent of Kentucky. Local youth gathered at the site of the New Railway Station chanting "Hell No, We Don't Care if the Train's are Too Small." The County's  two Militiamen and one Militia-woman manned the border. And it all warmed the cockles of a model maker's heart.




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