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 Tuesday March 15th 2016Tim Candler9


      My own advice to the younger generation is to enjoy their feet while they can. In time the foot reverts to what has to be a more primal condition, it soon forgets such dubious wonders as the invention of shoes and socks and it begins to believe it is still upon the thorny Savannah where its main responsibility to the whole is the production of callous skin that can cross hot coals, sharp rock without ever moaning or groaning. 



     It's actually amazing to think about it. In those far off days when none of us had to live much beyond our twenties, surrounded by the Saber Teethed, chased by the Warthog, watched over by the Giraffe, our feet had to pretty much fend for themselves. Back then when being chased by a Giant Goat it was no good saying "Hold on a minute, I've stepped on a Prickly Pear." Now days of course a person can look at politician wearing Cowboy Boots and get very depressed around the question "Why?"




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