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 Wednesday March 16th 2016Tim Candler9


      Saint Barbara's Railway Station has been funded in part by the Railway Authority, the Railway Company, the State and by a 0.5 percent increase in Local Taxes on property and Non Farm Vehicles. Most vehicles in the county are designated Farm Vehicles, and property values in The County are rightly determined by the property's owner. This means that Saint Barbara is proud to contribute around two cents a year to the investment in the County Railway Station.



     What with one thing and another the Railway Station is a little over budget, we're looking at a total cost of around two dollars and thirty five cents depending upon who might be doing the accounting and whether the Railway Company's Sedate Maroon and Cheese Cream are used to paint the roof and walls of the railway station's main building. The Architect would prefer a kind Yellow Taupe and Signal Box Red, and following the County's declaration of Independence from the State, Citizens are arguing strongly for Saint Barbara's own colors, Luftwaffe Blue for the roof and and Lime Green for the walls. So it's all very exciting.




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