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 Saturday March 19th 2016Tim Candler9


      The Body often does what the Spirit tells it to do. There are those who might call it discipline. The Iron Will. The more reasonable recognize the relationship as a Schism, and like all Schisms there really is very little room for Iron Will because more often than not during moments of intense impasse the Body wins and sadly the Spirit can sulk all it wants, but it can't just up and leave until the Body signs the death certificate. And here the more pedantic might claim that the word Schism is reserved for disagreements of a religious nature, matters of doctrine, who said what, and without beating around that list is very long indeed. And yet, in my view, Schism is the correct word for disagreements between Body and Spirit



     A most enjoyable Schism occurred many years ago in the Russian Orthodox Church. It had to do with the Sign of the Cross, which is a gesture of the hand. The Schism arose around which fingers to place against the thumb while making the gesture. It was in my view a whole Body and Spirit moment, and those who made the Sign of the Cross in the wrong way might not be in heaven at the moment. Meanwhile, The Artist has drawn attention to a short term memory enhancing exercise designed to improve the relationship between Body and Spirit. It involves grasping the left ear lobe with the right hand, grasping the right ear lope with the left hand, bending the knees up and down for at least five minutes every morning. For those interested, over the past few mornings your correspondent's Spirit has been willing, but his body and probably the neighbors can't stop laughing.



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