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 Sunday March 20th 2016Tim Candler9


      Ah! Palm Sunday. And next Sunday the resurrection of a savior will be celebrated. There'll be Eggs, some of which will be chocolate, and a Big Happy Bunny bouncing around hiding eggs or Jelly Beans and hopefully chocolate bars without nuts, and there'll be feasting and some people might even feel ill as a result of an over indulgence. Meanwhile it's been Lent since February 20th and it's a sure bet that of the nearly three billion people who define themselves as Christians, some might have forgotten about Lent, because there's never a big sign in the Grocery "What are you giving up for Lent?" to remind the faithful.



     An alternative approach is to understand it all as a celebration of fertility. And for those in doubt about a Big Happy Bunny bouncing around, they're probably correct to question whether it's safe to have such a creature anywhere near children. It's Spring, and without any attempt at fluff, this year the term "Breeding like Rabbits" probably started well before the end of Lent. And the whole thing about an Egg is that from an apparently lifeless thing a chicken or if you're lucky an Ostrich emerges. Interesting to recall that the Palm is not available all around the world, it's more of a tropical plant, which means that Palm Sunday has been called Yew Sunday, its been called Willow Sunday and in parts of Wales its been called  Flowering Sunday



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