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 Monday March 21st 2016Tim Candler9


      Patchy frost and a hovering around 32 Fahrenheit in the early hours. I believe it was in 2012 that Peak Forsythia Day was March 15, in 2011 it was March 22nd and in 2010 it was March 28th.  Have to think that in 2016 Peak Forsythia Day was probably yesterday. Always an association between the cheerful bloom of Forsythia and the work of a gardener who might once have spent time gainfully employed in the gardens of others.



     There's a set who dislike Forsythia, not because of it's bloom but because of the color of it's bloom. They're not that fond of yellow Daffodil, or Redbud. Dandelion can cause apoplexy. Yes, they were a nightmare people to work for, all sunhat, green gloves, Smith and Hawkins and glossy magazine.  When I think of the barn here where I live I can see a liberated Potato Fork, a Tree Shovel, a tall Orchard Ladder all of which once might have belonged to employers who didn't like Forsythia. Do I feel guilty? No I don't.



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