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 Wednesday March 23rd 2016Tim Candler9


      The Oddfellows go back a while. In the early records Oddfellow meetings were often held in Pubs, they were convivial affairs that on occasion required the attention of the Night Watchmen who were like well paid thugs, charged with making sure everyone behaved themselves after dark. Oddfellows had Mutual Support as their organizing principle, a fraternity of odd trades that followed the equally odd values of Fraternity, Benevolence and Charity. And like The Masons, other Guilds, and the New Industrial Unions, Oddfellows tickled the paranoia of The Authorities who do seem to spend a great deal of their waking hours looking for threats to an established order.



     Following the American Revolution, it wasn't just the Political Class that declared Independence from the Crown of England. The Church of England in the United States re-wrote their rules, and Oddfellows in the United States chose to become The Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Or IOOF. In Kentucky there were and still are several Oddfellow Halls, or lodges. And most interesting is the Odd Fellow Hall in the County of Saint Barbara. But one of the problems for the model maker is the scale of the Oddfellow symbol, three links of a chain that symbolize Friendship, Love and Truth. The Hall itself is magnificent but without the symbol not even the Oddfellows will know what it is.



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