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 Thursday March 24th 2016Tim Candler9


      Despite having entered the ranks of those who go to the Grocery Store on Thursday in order to take advantage of the special prices for the decrepit your correspondent is looking forward to a visit from a Sprightly Tooth Fairy. It's his front teeth, they're not real teeth, they've tickled and complained for twenty maybe thirty years as the remainder of what I call me have attempted to reject them. It's kind of like having a house guest in your mouth.



     Sometimes a person just has to ask the question "Do the professionals see beyond dollar signs?" Granted, having front teeth is the more acceptable option but I'm beginning to wonder whether the more acceptable option has advantages.  Nothing wrong with a smile that frightens pretty much everyone, and the other thing, without your front teeth there's a an unnerving shushing sound when you talk. Sounds like a major win/win to me.



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